Take Care of Yourself - Top Ten Reasons to Exercise  

top ten reasons to exercise, why is exercise important, why should people exercise

Why is exercise important?

Why should people exercise?

Because you are your most important asset!

Taking care of yourself will allow you to live your full wealth potential. These top ten reasons to exercise should make it clear why a regular exercise routine should be part of your daily wealth habits.

From my own experience I can tell you that about 19 years ago I could not run a mile without walking. Although the military forced me to exercise, at some point I actually started enjoying exercise. That led me to start cycling, then triathlons and so on. And I haven’t stopped…it is now part of my life.

I actually had a hard time narrowing down to only top ten reasons to exercise because exercise benefits are much more than just physical. But here is what I came up with on why should people exercise:

  1. Loose Weight and Keep it Off.

    Let’s get this one out of the way. This is what everyone first thinks about when answering, why is exercise important? It’s true, if you exercise regularly you will loose weight if you have excess weight. Or, you will keep from gaining weight – so if you are “skinny” you still benefit from regular exercise.

    But also consider this, how many successful people do you know that are overweight? If you study highly successful individuals you will not find many. It’s not that being overweight will prevent you from being successful but true success and wealth includes (it should) being healthy.

  2. Look Good = Feel Great.

    For both men and women this is a great motivator. If you like what you see in the mirror every morning (even if it’s naked or specially if it’s naked Smiley Faces) you will feel great about yourself and this leads to a lot of positive stuff.

    Whether you have “six-pack” abs or just look healthy, what you see in the mirror and what other people notice when they see you will improve your life.

  3. Exercise Reduces Stress.

    I do not need any study or research (although there are plenty) to look you in the eye and tell you this is absolutely true. Whether it is due to work stress, personal situations, relationships or life problems exercise has always been a form of release for me.

    At work, after a morning of dealing with nothing but problems and demands I looked forward to my lunch time run…a Saturday morning bike ride is a great way to start a weekend…an early morning swim puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

    Whatever form of exercise you choose the increased blood flow, oxygen, energy usage and environment can all contribute to reducing stress and improving sleep. In turn, stress reduction is crucial for good health.

  4. Exercise Can Be Fun and Social!

    Yes, I said fun! You can have a blast when mountain biking or riding a bicycle with a group. You can join a tennis club, a gym class, a running club, a Masters swim group, walk with a friend/spouse, join a soccer/hockey/basketball/baseball league and on and on…

    If you look for the opportunity there are hundreds of ways to make exercise both fun and social. This will make you look forward to doing it and will help you make it a habit.

  5. Exercise Reduces Risk of Disease

    Take your pick: Cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, low back pain, stroke, Alzheimer’s’, and many more…

    Regular exercise helps lower the probability of any of the above diseases by boosting the immune system, strengthening heart and muscles, lowering blood pressure, controlling blood sugar and much more.

    Our bodies were meant to be in motion and be active. Since we no longer have to hunt for food or go down to the river to get water we now need to look for ways to keep our bodies in motion. When you look at many of the things that go wrong with our bodies, specially as we age, inactivity or lack of exercise is a major cause.

Top ten reasons to exercise part 2

Want to add to the top ten reasons to exercise? Leave a comment in Comments Section.

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