Using Positive Visualization to Achieve Whatever You Want  

Using Positive Visualization is part of a series on Daily Wealth Habits.

Positive visualization or creative visualization is the practice of creating in your mind clear and detailed images of what you want to do, be and have. The importance of visualization is that you can use it to create your reality, because you are in control. You choose, in your mind, the thoughts you want to have and you can use them to create your reality.

There are no secrets of creative visualization. The reason it works is because by visualizing something you create the same mental muscle memory training that if you would have physically done the action. That is why visualization is so common in sports [1].

In similar way by using positive visualization to see yourself performing, achieving, or living a life different from the one you have now you create in you the confidence and beliefs that you can achieve it. Examples of these types of visualization:

positive visualization, benefits of visualization, importance of visualization

"I am financially independent. I wake up in a house that I own free and clear. I don’t have to go to work because I don’t need to. I have no debts. I start my day playing golf/going for a run /in my home office, etc..."

"I have a wonderful relationship with my children/wife/husband/mother/father/etc. We love to spend time with each other and our time together is fun and fulfilling…I see myself doing x or y with them and we enjoy ourselves together..."

"I am 20/50/100 pounds lighter with 12% body fat. I eat delicious and nutritious meals every day. I wear a pants size 34…I can go up the stairs without loosing my breath…I look forward to working out every morning…I look much better now and several people have told me so..."

Get the point?

You can use positive visualization to rehearse in your mind what a wealthy life would be like for you. This can give you clarity on what you need to do now to achieve that life, what goals you need to set and the belief in your mind that you can achieve what you want. That is why visualization should be part of your daily wealth habits. You can even use positive visualization to heal your body from an injury or disease!

For visualization to work the first step is to clearly decide what you want. That might sound obvious but I'm sure you have known a person or two that want one thing today and another one tomorrow (not you, right? Smiley Faces).

Decide what you want and then go to work in creating a clear, detailed picture of what having that or achieving that will look and feel like. Visualize in the first person – see yourself doing what you want from your own eyes rather than watching yourself from the outside.

Having a clear, detailed picture is a must. Imagine as much detail about the event as you can. What it looks like…where is it at…who is there…why you are doing it…etc. And most importantly what feeling you will have when doing/achieving this including smells, sounds, tastes, emotions, attitudes, looks, etc.

What happens if I don’t know what I want or what it will look like having that?

Take a guess.

That’s right, just take a good guess and “try it on for size” so to speak. See how it feels. Does it feel right? Is it a little bit off? How can you improve it? Little by little adjust your positive visualization based on your answer to these questions.

Feel free to also write it down. This is another one of the benefits of visualization,to keep a journal of your dreams and ambitions that you can work on over time and see how they change. You can also use a voice recorder to record yourself reading your visualization script. Then play this recording to yourself.

You should strive to make positive visualization a habit. Practice it at least several times per week. Similar to

meditation find a quiet place, close your eyes and start going through your script. You can do it first thing in the morning or last thing before going to bed. This has the extra benefit of handling your visualization over to your subconscious so it can work on it all night long.

Give it a try and discover the benefits of visualization.

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[1] Robert Scaglione, William Cummins, Karate of Okinawa: Building Warrior Spirit, Tuttle Publishing, 1993, ISBN 0-9626484-0-X,+75%25+Mental&sig=ACfU3U2HGCPBsdELm104oHtLoQh1EOcKeA#v=onepage&q=Group%20IV-%2025%25%20Physical%20Training%2C%2075%25%20Mental&f=false

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