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Organize My Life!

Organize Files, Organize Bills…Organize it All!

You might be asking:”Why organize my life and what does organizing have to do with wealth building?”

Being organized by itself will not make you any wealthier. But it will allow you to handle the commitments and take the actions you need to create wealth. It will allow you not just to get things done but to get IMPORTANT things done – big difference.


Because creating wealth will require that you set goals, plans and that you strive to do more than is required of you. Some of these goals will have to do with perhaps a business you want to start, an investment you want to explore a financial plan you want to execute, a promotion you want to achieve, a business deal, etc…

Whatever your wealth plan it will probably require that you do more with your time than the average Joe. In turn this will require you to do more and produce more with the same time you already have. I am sure you are already aware of this but you will not be getting any extra time handed to you. Instead you need to maximize the time you have…and for that you will have no choice but to be VERY well organized.

That is why you want to organize it all…why organizing should become one of your daily wealth habits.

What organizing is:

  • By definition: "to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole to arrange elements into a whole of interdependent parts”[1]. Note the words unity and interdependent (one depends on the other).
  • A method, a system you set up for yourself to funnel EVERYTHING that comes into your life that requires an action on your part into one place where you can then collect/prioritize/eliminate/delegate what you want to get done. This was a key discovery for me when learning how to organize my life.
  • A habit. It is not sufficient to set aside this Saturday to “organize”. Organizing has to be continual, because I am sure you don’t have obligations coming into your life just on Saturday…Smiley Faces
  • A means of greatly reducing stress. By knowing that you have collected everything you need to do, every place and time you need to be at, everything that is important to you, and have assigned a place to your things where you know you will find them when you need them, you will greatly reduce the stress caused by the uncertainty of not knowing if you have things under control.
  • As applicable to stay-at-home moms as to CEO’s, college students to nuclear engineers, etc. For some reason people in positions that are normally seen as…”low responsibility” think they don’t need the same organization tools and systems as the busier ones. Show me a disorganized stay at home mom and I’ll show you someone with the same stress level and frustrations as someone working a high-level, demanding corporate job.
  • A drug free way to control ADD. I have walked this path and tell you that a tight organization system works wonders when you are not able to keep your attention on something for more than a couple of minutes.

What organizing is not:

  • It’s not cleaning up. If you got a desk piled up with paperwork and you come in early on Thursday and go at it for 3 hours and clear it up, have you organized yourself or just cleaned up? The difference lies on whether you have created a system that will prevent your desk from getting piled up that way again.
  • Buying a gadget(s). You can have software, a fancy PDA (i.e. Blackberry), a real pretty planner, or any of the thousands of organization gadgets available. But unless you find a way to use it to integrate all the inputs coming into your life, then it’s just another gadget.
  • A "To Do" list. Such a list only captures what you can remember at the moment you are writing it. It is short term and not all-encompassing.

In the next part I will share with you some of the best practices I have used to organize my life that have allowed me to juggle a full time job, a real estate investing business, this website, my training schedule, and above all quality time with my family.

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