HVAC Inspection question

by Gary
(Dearborn, Mi.)

How / can a furnace be inspected / tested when the gas to the residence is shut off?

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Furnace Inspection
by: Luis

Gary, I really can't tell you if you can bring in the tank to test it. You would have to alter the connection at the furnace to "plug in" the tank. That would be hazardous, would have to be done by a plumber (I believe) and if the house is still not yours I don't know that you will be allowed to do it.

If you are that worried about the furnace it would be cheaper and safer to turn gas on to the house, the charge for that might be a couple of hundred if you have to put a deposit.

However worst case scenario if you had to replace the furnace we are talking about a $2-3K cost, depending on size, model, placement etc. Why would that "bankrupt" the flip? It would add value to your flip if you sold a house with a brand new furnace. If your margins are that tight on this flip you might want to reconsider.

HVAC inspection - inuiry..
by: Gary

Luis, is (would) it be possible to bring in a CNG tank to run the furnace for a test? Or do Gas companies have a "one time / one cost" option to turn gas on long enough to test? A failed furnace would add thousands of dollars to repair costs and possibly bankrupt the flip.

HVAC Inspection
by: Luis

You can still inspect the condition of the furnace and AC even with gas shut off. Depending on the type of HVAC system of the house, at least over here most of the houses have electric AC and gas for heat. So you can have an HVAC company or an inspector or yourself run the AC to make sure the condenser (the part that sits outside) is working as well as the thermostats and the fan in the furnace. If there is no gas to the house they can check the fan anyway as well as the burner tubes to make sure they are not corroded or in too bad of a shape but you really won't know if they are 100% functional until you have gas and they fire up and heat comes out. It's better than nothing. Hope this helps.

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