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House Flipping Update: House #10 is SOLD!.

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House flipping is the art and science of buying distressed real estate, renovating it and reselling for a profit. If you want to learn how to flip houses I will show you here how we have done it.

My wife and I have chosen this type of real estate investing as an integral part of our wealth building plan. This strategy allows us to create an additional stream of income that we are using to build our wealth.

We like house flipping for a lot of reasons. First off, it’s something that we have created as a side business. Being a single income family this is a business we can do from home.

Second, it produces cash now vs. the cash later approach of rental real estate. We intend to use this cash to reinvest into real estate and boost our other savings and investments.

Third, it’s completely awesome to take a crappy property and turn it into something beautiful that makes us proud.

Finally, it provides a “safety net”. It’s not only a business but a back up source of income for our family in case our primary income “goes away”, like it has happened before.

However, unlike what you see in the house flipping TV shows or real estate investing infomercials, we have discovered that the real thing is neither quick or easy but rest assured that it is very doable by regular people like you and me.

Let me show you real houses, real deals that we have flipped so that you can learn the good, the bad and the ugly on how to flip houses:

Flip That House Updates…

Flip This House #1:Introduction to House Flipping, Cost Estimating, Scopes of Work, Hiring Contractors and More…

House #2: House #3:

Property Investment Update: House #2 and #3 - Update on the status of flipping House #2 and House #3...

House #4:

House #5:

House #6: House #7: House #8: House #9: House #10:

You might be wondering how we can flip houses if the real estate market is so bad...

The reality is that there is always opportunity in real estate…you just got to find it. We are basically buying “projects”. There are houses out there that can be bought at 40-60% under market value but need $15-20,000+ worth of work. People looking for a place to live don’t buy these – who wants to buy a project?

Then we do extraordinary renovations to these houses. That’s where you have to look at all the different examples above so you see what I am talking about when I say renovations. These are not “paint and carpet” jobs…

When I am done with these houses they look better than any other house around them, they are move-in ready and still priced competitively.

In the links above I will go into the specific details about my house flipping deals and share with you what works and what doesn’t and what I learn from it. Hopefully you can use some of this investing advice in your own investing journey.

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