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by Diane

Nice! Are you planning on staging? I agree with the strategy about buying the small house in a neighborhood of larger homes.

Was the bamboo cost prohibitive to extend into the family room? Bamboo is a double edged sword in that it can dent easily but buyers think "oooh, bamboo" and instantly you're Mr. Green.

The sinks in the master bath really dominate the 18" vanity depth. Another solution would have been to install those trendy top mount bowls. Not a fan of the common "builder's special" vanity lights. For same or near money classier lighting can be had. Wives, girlfriends and gay friends are great style shoppers!

Of course, on a 125K house, buyers probably don't expect too many upgrades but offering them gives your home a competitive edge with no extra out of your pocket.

I would have boxed in the fridge so the black side isn't showing. I've used used a cabinet shop that is much cheaper than Home Depot. They are mid-grade, better than the cheapie DIY at big box stores and not nearly as pricey a Kraft Maid.

Stainless in the kitchen? Hell ya! Depending on the age and model of the dishwasher sometimes you can buy a sheet of stainless and wrap the front instead of having to buy a new unit. Newer models are basically the same dishwasher with just different skins.

Is the ceiling heavily textured or is that popcorn? Maybe it's just the way the light is hitting it in the photo. If it's heavy texture be prepared to answer questions about water damage as if you were covering up stains.

If it were summer, I'd trim the box hedge lower and put some colorful flowers on the porch. Selling a home is more about lifestyle than the nuts and bolts of the structure.

Anyone with an ugly life can make it better by living in a pretty home!!!!

LM Says: Diane, thanks for the positive comments and ideas.

The bamboo was cheap as far as hardwoods go but the budget for the house would not allow me to do more.

Top mount bowls look great, I agree but they are expensive. At this price point it would have been overkill.

I would have liked to box in the fridge too. I thought about that. But since these cabinets were already in place, finding matching wood would have been hard.

Ceiling is heavily textured but my excuse there is that since we replaced the plumbing lines I had to re-drywall once that was done.

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