Make Good Nutrition Important in Your Life  

Why is nutrition important?

Making good nutrition important is a basic building block of health. But it is also crucial to sustain performance on all areas of your life. What you eat determines your energy levels, your body weight, performance of your brain, physical fitness and overall health. Since your health is a crucial part of your wealth equation, making good nutrition important should be one of your daily wealth habits.

When most people ask themselves ”why is nutrition important?”, they think of two things: diet and body weight.

I know this because if I go to lunch with friends and my lunch is a big plate of salad with all the vegetables available at the salad bar, without fail, the question from someone will be: “are you on a diet?...are you trying to lose weight?

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Although good nutrition is important when trying to lose weight that is not the only reason to eat right. Regardless of your weight, eating the right kind of foods is essential for health, avoiding disease, physical performance, mood and energy.

Our bodies where made to function on certain nutrients. Everyone knows about carbohydrates, protein and fats (macro nutrients) and vitamins and minerals (micro nutrients). But not everybody understands the proper way to get those nutrients into our bodies and/or the amounts required.

Let me make this very simple: it is not with pills…it is not with something that comes in a box…a package…that’s made in a factory…or is frozen. All those forms of processing either add something to food that you should not eat or take something away from the natural state of food, all for the sake of convenience, taste or marketability.

Our body is designed by nature to obtain the nutrition it needs from fruits, vegetables and lean meats…that’s it…that is the great big secret to proper nutrition. Eat what nature provides in as close to natural state as possible.

To make good nutrition important, when choosing what to eat think of where it came from, what has been added to it and/or how much has been taken away from it to make it tasty, convenient and attractive. Everyone knows that too much fat is not good but neither is too much sugar, preservatives, or the slew of chemicals that are added to processed foods that we don’t even know about.

Kids on Nutrition – as a parent you are 100% responsible for helping your children form nutrition habits for life. I have found that children will learn how to eat what they are offered at home, every day – that could be broccoli with fish or cheese puffs with soda, it’s your choice. If you don’t care about what you eat, that is your adult choice but children don’t know any better, they don’t know about vitamins and minerals or the effects of excess fat/sugar on their health. Do them a favor that will last the rest of their lives and teach them how to eat properly.
Back in 1991 I took an interest in endurance sports which led to learning more about proper nutrition. That’s how I learned that nutrition is directly related to physical performance, which also includes brain function, ability to concentrate, overall energy levels and much more. All of these are performance factors we all need to maximize, it’s not just for athletes.

Since, I cannot go into detail of all the proven science of good nutrition, I’ll try to condense what I have learned over the last 10 years on why good nutrition important and how to apply it:

  • Strive to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, because those two groups are the main source of vitamins and minerals for the human body.
  • Our muscles need protein, that’s a fact. Do your best to get protein mostly from lean meats like chicken, fish, turkey, pork and lean cuts of red meat. Of all these fish is the superior protein source.
  • Use juicing and smoothies as another way of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet. This is specially effective with children – they love them.
  • I use nuts, peanut/almond butter, fat from fish and healthy oils like olive oil and canola oil to add healthy fat (unsaturated fat) to your diet. Yes, there is such a thing as healthy fat – in fact these types of fats are necessary for the heart and body and should be THE fat that you consume.
  • Avoid saturated fats like the ones unfortunately found in the majority of food in the typical American diet. These include fatty cuts of red meat, cheap cooking oils, almost anything that is packaged and is designed to taste yummy, almost all fast food choices and overall low quality/cheap foods. I specially avoid anything with partially hydrogenated oils – this is a proven heart killer and it is EVERYWHERE because it is a cheap way for food companies to produce things that taste good.
  • Avoid excess sugar, specially high fructose corn syrup. Again, this is a cheap form of sugar derived from corn that has been proven to be a major contributor to the epidemic of child obesity in our country. This stuff is crap and you will be hard pressed to find a product that does not have it, specially childrens' foods.
  • Carefully consider nutrition supplements. Although we are a quick and easy society we look for a pill to make up for poor nutrition habits. You can use nutrition supplements exactly as the name implies – to supplement not substitute, for good nutrition.< /li>

Consider taking a nutrition class from your local hospital, college or nutrition store if you want to learn more. However you will not go wrong if you follow these guidelines and make good nutrition important.

If you only remember one thing about making good nutrition important remember to keep it as natural and unprocessed as possible – that does not mean the box says natural Smiley Faces.

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