Goal setting strategies

by Joey

LM, this is an awesome strategy to set goals. Thanks for going into the details.

I agree with what you say about keeping them in front of you all the time. What always gets me is how I can always start a week or a month with the goals I want to get accomplished but there is always something that comes up, a place I got to be or unexpected things that get in my way and it frustrates the daylights out of me!

How do you deal with that kind of stuff?

LM says: Joey, thanks for the kudos. Agree with you 100% it frustrated me too but then I realized that's life! Those nagging little things that are inevitable but not important will always be there. I found the following helped me out a lot:

1. Every single day I take an action that will move me closer to achieving my goal, no matter how small
2. I work on my goals when my energy and concentration are at their highest. That usually means early morning for me when the kids are still asleep and there are no distractions.
3. On that same token it is best for you to start your day with one action related to your goals. Then no matter what happens with your day and what comes up you would have already made some progress towards your goals for the day.
4. Schedule your goals. Set an appointment in your schedule to block a certain amount of time to work on one goal related task. Take that appointment as serious as a meeting with your boss or a client. Then you plan your other commitments around it.

When you prioritize your goals in your life like that then you will see a marked difference in what you can and cannot do.

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The excellent writing of this blog
by: Keyword Queen

This is a very well-researched blog, full of helpful idea about how to build personal wealth. Can't wait to put some of them into practice!

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