Foreclosure Property – Post-Rehab Pictures

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atlanta foreclosures

Much cleaner looking curb appeal. It doesn’t look like a foreclosure anymore. New garage door, pressured washed exterior, trimmed down some of the front trees and general cleaning.

atlanta foreclosures

Cleaned up the gutters, laid down some pine straw along the side of the house. This house has a nice, big, fenced yard - a major plus for any renter with children.

atlanta foreclosures

A much better looking living room – bright and clean. All we did here was paint with neutral colors and new carpet.

atlanta foreclosures

Another view of living room.

atlanta foreclosures

If you look at the old picture of this view, not only was there lime green in the walls but the dining room had been closed off and they did a pretty poor job of it. We went ahead and opened it up again and my handyman did an excellent job with drywall and trim work.

atlanta foreclosures

View from the dining room

atlanta foreclosures

The kitchen now looked years younger. New appliances, new counter tops and re-finished cabinet surfaces with new hardware.

atlanta foreclosures

The view from the kitchen to the breakfast area. This was the area that had a big ugly patch of drywall in the ceiling. Again, my handyman did an excellent job of fixing it and matching it to the original ceiling pattern. You can barely notice that a repair has been done.

atlanta foreclosures

The cleaned up master bedroom.

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