Flipping FHA Foreclosures – The “before” Pictures

This is part of a series on FHA Foreclosures, Atlanta foreclosures and house flipping. The introduction can be found here.

These are the pictures of the HUD Foreclosure property I bought and planned to fix up and sell (“flip”). This is what the house looked like the day I closed on it, before starting any work.

The living room view from the foyer. On FHA foreclosures they usually pull out the carpet but they did not do us the favor this time.

The foyer:

Dining room:

Deck and backyard:

Kitchen view from laundry room:

Kitchen view with dining room and living room behind. This was going to be our major area of work because we wanted to change the kitchen lay out and open it up into the living room.

Hallway bath:

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom. This would be our second area of major work because this view you see here is the first thing you see when you enter the master bedroom. So we knew it was an opportunity to create a “wow” factor. As you can see from the picture right now is creating the wrong type of “wow”.

Part of the master bath. This would be about the only thing we kept in the whole house.

One of the bedrooms. FYI, note the dark colored baseboard and door frames. That color of trim makes the house look outdated, modern trim is usually white or light colored. Pair that with the shocking pink and you can see why the house sat unsold for several months.

If the government only spent $1,000 in painting this house they could have sold it for $20,000 more. But let me not be a critic of the logic behind our federal institutions Smileys. After all I benefited greatly for it.

The basement. One of the reasons I liked the house was because it had a full basement. However, note this area as I will be one of my problem spots.

One of the basement rooms:

There you have it, a house only an investor could love Smiley Faces. When dealing with FHA foreclosures this is exactly what you are looking for, something that would be too much of a hassle for an owner occupant to consider. But you as an investor must see the potential in it.

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Questions or feedback on how I flip this house?: Contact Me directly.

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