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Feng Shui wealth is about aligning your surroundings in a way that will help you attract wealth building. I am a believer in aligning my life and my surroundings to support the life I want to create and the goals I want to achieve. These Feng Shui tips help keep me focused on building my wealth.

Feng Shui has been recognized as an art of placement by using precise placement of furniture and belongings or symbolic objects to remove barriers to the free flow of life energy (known as Chi). This will result in you being able to tap into the beneficial and positive Chi energy to the maximum, and disperse, disrupt or remove negative energy.

Chi forms the basis of Feng Shui studies. It is the force of change and transformation that is believed to have created the landscapes of our planet. Chi is the energy that flows through and around us constantly.

You and I are energy...we are molecules that are vibrating with energy and as such are able to radiate and attract energy. I knew this from my studies in Quantum Physics but what I still struggle with is how to exert conscious control of that energy. I believe Feng Shui deals with the same principle.

Modern Feng Shui tips try to simplify for us the “rules” for creating a positive flowing Chi environment. By creating a Feng Shui wealth corner in your house or office you create a space that relates to money, prosperity and abundance in all areas of life.

It also relates to self-empowerment...

Remember, wealth gives you freedom - so you do not have to compromise to your boss, partner or parents. If you ever feel that you need to attract someone wealthy so they can take care of you there is something lacking in this area.

As I constantly write on this site, wealth is much more than money. True abundance takes many forms and Feng Shui wealth equals abundance in all things. It's amazing how when you realize this, more good stuff begins to start flowing back into your life.

Feng Shui Wealth – The Bagua

The starting point to optimize your Feng Shui wealth space is to use a Bagua map.

This is a grid or compass used to analyze the layout of a building or an area. It represents the eight vital areas based on the eight trigrams of the I Ching (Book of Changes).

Basics of feng shui wealth and feng shui tips for building my wealth

A tip for using the grid: Hold the grid in front of you and stand in the doorway. Imagine that the room is divided into a grid of nine squares. For example, the Wealth area will always be at the upper left square and the Marriage area at the upper right. It does not matter if the entrance to the room is on the right side, left side, or in the middle.

Use the following Feng Shui wealth tips to enhance the Chi in your house, office and even your desk:

  • You can consider a Feng Shui water feature which is useful if life seems a bit of a struggle and nothing is flowing.
  • You can also stimulate wealth chi by adding an aquarium with nine gold fish.
  • Have a nice sounding wind chime in the wealth corner of your home. It can symbolically call forth a message, such as the request for wealth.
  • If you have been facing chaotic or ungrounded money situation, you can use stones to stabilize your financial condition.
  • A Wealth Pot - The practice of keeping Wealth Pots, vases, jars, bowls or plates in homes to enhance wealth luck has been secretly performed by the rich since ancient China. A Wealth Pot symbolizes never-ending good fortune and wealth. The Wealth Pot is excellent for those seeking to attract windfalls luck and solidify their fortune through investment and business
  • Flowering plants are good at this corner. When flowers bloom, they will bring wonderful vibrant energy associated with success.
  • Plants represent the Wood element. To energize this sector, you can purchase a healthy Feng Shui money plant, also known as the jade plant or Crassula ovata. These hardy succulents need little water and with time grow steadily and potentially can blossom up to twice a year.
  • The colors should be light greens and mixtures of greens and blues, including mauve, light purple and light burgundy. Images that are uplifting, energizing and inspiring help to promote this sector.
  • Clutter and unused items in the Wealth area of your home can create stuck chi or stagnant energy. Free this energy by organizing or clearing them out. Piles of debris in the back left of the yard can also block your abundance. This is definitely not the area to keep your excess baggage, unwanted newspapers or waste basket!

The south east corner of your home is most strongly associated with money. Always keep this area as tidy as possible and clear unnecessary clutter.

Ideally, this room should be lit with natural light. If this is not the case, invest in a light or lamp in this area and have it switched on as often as possible when you are home.

The element associated with wealth is wood. Bamboo wind chimes are a great idea, they represent the wood element while the chimes activate positive chi.

I realize some of these Feng Shui wealth tips might sound a bit...”new age” for some of you that, like me, are more comfortable with spreadsheets than with Chi. But, don’t knock it until you try it. At the very least you will have a better layout for your home and at best you will see a marked difference in the positive energy levels in your life and wealth building.

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Thanks to Winston from Feng Shui Tips for for contributing to this article.

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