Top Ten Reasons to Exercise (cont.) - Exercise Benefits  

Part 1 of Exercise Benefits

6. Better Brain Function, More Energy, Higher Productivity

By improving blood flow and spurring cell growth exercise helps improve the way your brain works. Exercise benefits also include increasing your metabolism and therefore making more energy available to your body even after exercise is complete. This is why it is good to exercise first thing in the day or mid-day, but don’t let that stop you from afternoon workouts if that is your only choice.

In turn this increases your productivity at home, the office or anything else you do during the day.

7. Eat What You Want!

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable exercise benefits! I say this with caution because you should not use exercise as a license to go on a junk food diet. Instead, because you exercise, you can feel free to enjoy the donuts someone brought in to the morning meeting or you can have the bacon cheeseburger when you go out to eat on Saturday night. The crucial point is this: don’t’ eat junk regularly, eat it sparingly. This way when you eat it you can enjoy the heck out of it because it is an exception to the way you eat not the norm.

8. Live Without Limits

Ever wonder what it’s like to ride through wine country instead of driving it?

Wanna see the view from the top of a mountain?

Would you like to enjoy the 90% of the National Parks that is not accessible by car?

Are you fine taking the stairs if the elevator is broken?

You can use your fitness as a vehicle of exploration and adventure. I have seen things on my own two legs that many people will never see. I have demanded more of my body than most people ever will.

Why would you want to live halfway? You would be amazed at what your body can accomplish when you give it a try. When I could barely run a mile I would never had imagined that years later I would be completing a 140 mile triathlon…twice!

So go ahead, give it a try, see what you can do, what you are capable of…

9. Live Longer Live Better!

I am all up for living until I am 100 but this is really not the objective. To me is more about quality than quantity. This means being able to do more, feel better, have less limits and be more independent.

Independent of all the “crutches” and “band-aid” solutions we use, specially later in life like drugs, wheelchairs, canes, assisted living, handicap designations, etc. I’ll use them if I have to but I am doing my darn best to make sure I don’t.

I want to run with my grandchildren, do triathlons when I am 80, go out running every morning of my life until I die and enjoy God’s creation on my own two legs for as long as I can.

10. Exercise is a Habit of Success.

If you study successful and wealthy people in every field you will discover that regular exercise is part of their daily routine. From Oprah to the President, from Fortune 500 CEO’s to Donald Trump. I have seldom found a successful, high achieving person that does not exercise regularly. While in the military I knew of many Generals who as busy as they were they would either block out time in their day or hit the gym at 5am so they could exercise, many times, in excess of what was required of them.

You can also use your exercise time as a powerful way to create mental pictures of what you want to achieve in your life. You can repeat to yourself affirmations or positive reinforcements about your goals, strengths and achievements. Or you can visualize yourself in a successful situation that you want to create in your life. All of this can be done while you exercise.

All of these top ten reasons to exercise are just a small sample of how taking care of yourself can help create wealth in all areas of your life.

Want to share more exercise benefits? Leave a comment in Comments Section.

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