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Buying Foreclosures: The "Before" Pictures

This is part of an article on buying foreclosures and foreclosure investing. To read the article click here and to look at the "after" pictures click here.

real estate foreclosure investing

With foreclosures you never know what you are going to get. This is the first impression I got when I visited this property. Other than the banged up garage door both the siding and roof looked pretty good.

Buying foreclosure properties

Clogged up gutters, some siding repair, landscaping and some cleaning was the only thing needed on the outside.


Inside, the house was just plain old filthy, not uncommon for a foreclosure property. But looking beyond the surface the house actually had a good floor plan and features.

buying foreclosure properties

The foyer and entrance. The lime green had to go because it appeals to very few people and of course the shoddy drywall work went on the repair list. That was actually the previous owner closing off the dining room and doing a pretty poor job of it.


Original appliances that had to go, torn up counter tops and filthy cabinets. The cabinets were actually in pretty good shape they just needed a good scrub.


The master bedroom. Dirt all over and two broken windows.

foreclosure homes

More shoddy drywall work. This was in the kitchen from what seemed to be some previous plumbing repair work. It would be hard to fix this and match the rest of the ceiling pattern.


More evidence of previous plumbing repair work. I guess this is where they accessed the plumbing lines.

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