Wealth building is about much more than making money...

Wealth building is about freedom, living life on your terms, living the life you choose.

If you are anything like us at one point you thought that making the choice to raise a family on a single income meant sacrificing your future plans for building wealth…

Or perhaps you thought building wealth was only for rich people or high income earners…

We have learned that does not have to be the case. Whether you are single or married, have one or two incomes, have children or are planning on it, the reality is that building wealth is doable and realistic with the right mindset, plan and ACTIONS.

Ask yourself, how do you plan to finance your life’s mission?

Does the life you want requires a certain degree of freedom, flexibility and financial stimulus that the good’ol 9 to 5 will not allow? This question forced us to think beyond the average and beyond what everybody else is doing.

The Wealth Steps Blog

Understanding how to build wealth led us to thinking about financial independence, net worth, personal financial planning and real estate investing among other things. Knowing that this is something we want to achieve then the question becomes; how are we going to do it?

The purpose of this site is to inspire you to believe and move you into action by sharing with you, first hand, practical and realistic steps, information and strategies that focus not on having more money but on creating wealth.

To do that these are some of the topics covered in this site:

What does wealth mean to you?

Either you already have an answer to this question or you don’t. If you don't we will help you find an answer, but ultimately it has to be your own answer. So allow us to share what we have learned from our past and our present so you can put it to good use in your path to creating wealth.

You may find my experience helpful, as I share information from other wealth builders and my knowledge and passion on building wealth, personal finance and real estate investing.

Table of Contents
Wealth Steps Blog and Site Updates
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House Flipping Chronicles | How to Flip Houses
Want to make money with flipping houses? I show you my house flipping projects. Real deals with specific information that you can use to learn how to flip this house.
The Wealth Steps Blog
Check out our blog for updates on our real estate investing flips and the latest news and tips on your money, your wealth and personal finances.
Learning How to Build Wealth | Plan For Wealth
If you want to learn how to build wealth use this guide on building wealth so you can change your financial future for you and your family.
The Way to Wealth: A Better Way for Setting SMART Goals
The way to wealth: goal setting strategies for wealth building and achieving financial independence.
Daily Wealth Habits | Wealth Daily
Boost wealth in all areas of your life by learning the simple daily wealth habits that will allow you to achieve your wealth goals.
Best Way to Earn Money
Looking for the best way to earn money that ignites your passion? Creating a web based business based on your passion is the absolute way to go. Learn here how to turn your passion into a business.
Feng Shui Wealth | Feng Shui Tips
Boost wealth in your life by following these Feng Shui wealth tips. Building my wealth by aligning my surroundings to attract wealth in my life.
Real Estate Investing Guide | Investing in Atlanta Real Estate
Learn about real estate investing with this real world real estate investing guide with actual Atlanta investment properties. Beginners real estate investing.
Mortgage Foreclosure Process, Foreclosure Investor, How to Buy a Foreclosure
Understanding the mortgage foreclosure process is crucial when buying a bank foreclosure or FHA foreclosure. Understanding foreclosures will allow you to intelligently invest in them and build your we
How I Flip This House | Flipping FHA Foreclosures
If you want to learn how to make money flipping hud foreclosures this step-by-step guide will show you how I flip this house so you can too.
Tenant Screening Tips | Tenant Credit Check
Avoid a nightmare tenant by using these tried and true tenant screening tips so you can make money with your rentals with less headaches. How to do a tenant background check.
Loans For Real Estate Investing
Want to get started in real estate investing but don't have the money? If you are looking for loans for real estate investing use this guide to learn how you can get a loan to start making money.
Making Money With Real Estate
Making money with real estate by buying, fixing and reselling houses the right way. Using bank owned real estate to make money in this market.
Importance of Personal Finance | Personal Finance Basics
Why you need to understand the importance of personal finance or risk being broke forever. Personal finance budgets and basics that will help you build wealth.
Basic Financial Planning | Importance of Financial Planning
Learn how to do your own basic financial planning using our 6 step guide. You will get the keys to financial planning so you can get out of debt and start building wealth.
Family Finance Matters
Get your family out of the financial rut. Use our family finance guide to put your family in the right financial track and start creating wealth.
Importance of Financial Planning | Definition of Financial Planning
Understanding the importance of financial planning for getting out of debt and creating the financial future you want. The keys to financial planning.
Creating Personal Budgeting Habits | Budgeting Tips
Do you know where your money goes? Use our budgeting 101 guide and worksheet to get control of your finances and learn personal budgeting that actually works.
How To Calculate Net Worth | Net Worth Calculator
Use these tools to easily calculate net worth. Simple net worth calculation.
Your Personal Net Worth – Tracking Your Wealth
How to calculate your personal net worth so you can get started building personal wealth.
How to Invest in Stocks | Stock Investing Advice, Apple Stock Price
Figuring out how to invest in stocks is not as complicated as some make it sound. Stock investing advice does not have to be complicated or mysterious. If you follow these guidelines you can be invest
Debt to Wealth | Turning Debt into Wealth | Credit Debt Relief
How to go from debt to wealth by implementing debt elimination programs that you can do on your own and start transforming debt into wealth. Debt relief begins by identifying the problem.
Credit Counseling Debt Relief
How do you know if you need credit counseling debt relief? If you find yourself in one of these situations then credit counseling and debt relief is for you.
Credit Card Debt Solutions | Credit Debt Relief
If you want to end the credit card trap you can use our free and simple credit card debt solutions to find the solutions to credit card debt that you can do yourself, no scams, no fees...
About Us
About us. Who is writing this stuff and why? Wealth-steps.com is about building wealth by taking it one step at a time and the belief that almost anybody, just like you and me, can achieve that...
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Corporate Downsizing | Getting Fired | Budget & Personal Finances
How to deal with corporate downsizing and taking advantage of a severance agreement. Using wealth management resources to survive unemployment and protect my wealth plan.
Plan For Wealth – How to Build Wealth
Creating a plan for wealth and how to set meaningful goals on the way to wealth.
Home Flipping Pictures | Flipping Homes
Home flipping in this market?...Believe it! Rehab on House #4 is complete and here are the pictures to prove it. Now it’s time to flip a house.
Flipping Real Estate - Update on House #6
Flipping real estate in 2011. House #6 is almost sold if we can make it through these hurdles. Real estate investing with foreclosures.
Find Foreclosure Properties for Investing | How To Find Foreclosures
How do you find foreclosure properties for investing on your spare time? When looking for Atlanta foreclosures follow these guidelines to find some of the best deals available in the market.
Property Foreclosures | Flipping Atlanta Foreclosures
Property Foreclosures and Appraisers: Update on House #6. Property investment tips and house flipping tips that you need to know if you plan on flipping houses.
Make Money Real Estate | Make Money Flipping a House
If you want to make money real estate there are many ways to do it. House flipping is one way and that is what we did, this is how we did it and here are the final results of House #7.
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